Our Services

We have always set The New Standard in catering and our teams have an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for our clients and customers. It’s this philosophy that founded the company in 2003 and continues to drive the business forward.

Our client retention rate is phenomenal and is a testament to the fact that we are always at the top of our game and bringing innovation to the table– both physically and metaphorically! We are extremely proud that we still operate our first contract– a true testament to the fact that we work with honesty and integrity. We now operate over 100 contracts throughout the UK and across a variety of core sectors.


We know that our task is far bigger than just providing food for our Business and Industry clients; our client partnerships are about creating a workplace that aids collaboration and this underpins everything we do. We understand the role that catering plays in supporting our client’s culture, and in creating a point of difference acquiring and retaining the best talent. Size is just a number, so whether you are a small business with less than one hundred employees or several thousand, all contracts are equal in our eyes. From a corporate headquarters to a manufacturing business, we simply apply hard work and dedication to the provision of a bespoke service that is right for you.



This is an incredibly important and emotive part of our business. Whether we are contracted to residential living, dementia care, nursing care or assisted living centres, the relationships that we build and maintain, and our understanding of this unique market, are a testament to our continued success. Our food brings people together, and our teams recognise their role in not just providing great food but the importance of interaction and how we can impact the individual's day in a very postitive, personal way.



We are committed to providing responsible, fun, nutiritious and healthy food that fuels the body and teaches good eating habits. Healthy eating should never be boring which is why our menus are put together to inspire our diners to love food from an early age. Stimulating minds through nutritionally balanced seasonal food is a responsibility we take very seriously. We make sure that our teams interact with our young diners to help them make choices that are not only great tasting, but focus on their wellbeing.

“Refreshing change to the catering offering at our sites. Only ever hear good things about the improvement in quality of the meals. Incredible energy and dynamism injected into the running of our canteens and service to our colleagues.”  


"TNS have been an exceptional partner for our catering provision.  Their on site staff are professional, diligent and always ready to listen.  This is backed up by an excellent Management Team who are always keen to work with us in partnership. I would not hesitate to recommend TNS if you are thinking of creating a new catering provision or just refreshing your existing offering"

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