We are a catering business that not only believes in fantastic food and service, but it is also about developing great client relationships and empowering our teams. Nearly 20 years ago when we started TNS it was because other catering companies were not personally invested in the success of their clients. We were unwilling to go through the motions and work with restrictive processes and menus that were built by procurement rather than chefs. We wanted to develop and operate in a culture that is creative, demonstrating partnership and support, so our people are the best they can possibly be.
Years later we are still committed to these core values, which is now defined as The New Standard. It’s a way of operating with complete honesty and integrity and is an approach that is applied equally to our clients and our teams.
One of the biggest differences between us and our competition is that all of our senior leadership team are chefs. This means that people and food will always be central to how we think. We live in a world where consumers are more travelled and more knowledgeable about food than ever before, which is why our people and our standards must always rise up to the challenge of meeting and exceeding expectations.
The New Standard defines our approach to food service which in turn is supported by a series of pillars that live and breathe in our everyday operations. We are not a large corporation with many layers of leadership. We are a people business that believes in delivering excellent food, with transparency and within budget. This is why we take pride in ourselves, our food, our people and in doing business with honesty and integrity, it's one of the reasons why we have such a high client retention rate.
No matter how you are reading this website, whether you know us or not, we hope you find it interesting and we look forward to chatting soon.