Talk Talk

How were TalkTalk affected by the pandemic?
During the height of the pandemic like most UK businesses TalkTalk employees worked from home with only essential staff entering the office. As restrictions eased, they moved to a hybrid working model.

What challenges did TalkTalk face?
TalkTalk were keen to encourage their teams back into the office. With over 1,000 employees it was key that collaboration and idea sharing returned to the business and fantastic food experiences were central to this. They knew they needed something different that would give their employees added value. To attain ‘blue sky thinking’ the catering was put out to tender. The process involved several key players from their One Voice Customer
Forum through to Board level. This is very much the ethos of TalkTalk, the voice of their employees needs to be heard.

Why was TNS the right fit?
Throughout the process we demonstrated our focus on local procurement, sustainability and fresh innovative food. We held several presentations,
engagement days and taster events to ensure that everybody was involved in the selection of their new caterer.

What has changed?
Following award, we had a short turnaround time. Our operations team pulled out the stops to create maximum impact from day one. We gave the
restaurant a marketing refresh and Thanks again – like you keep reminding me ‘We do this all the time’, but it is great that you do it incredibly
professionally and with reassurance!” RACHEL WETHERILL, TALK TALK introduced modern eating concepts that focussed on fresh global street food, created by skilled chefs and a well-trained team. Jack Sturdy, Operations Manager talks us through some of the changes.

How are your services being received at TalkTalk?
Sales and footfall are continuing to rise. We ensure the service is fresh and exciting, every day is something new. Working with TalkTalk we are bringing their vision to life, creating a social hub for their colleagues.

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