Setfords Solicitors

What made Setfords reach out to TNS?
They were managing the catering internally and were having probems with staffing.
This meant they were not getting the quality or variety of food they wanted for their staff.

What hurdles have you had to overcome?
The space and equipment available is very limited. I will never forget the look on our Operations Director’s face when he realised this is the kitchen! He soon regained composure and started thinking outside the box, it was going to take creative thinking to bring the wow factor.

How did you tackle recruitment?
We already had a manager in mind who had worked for us previously so we knew he had the skills, passion and commitment to drive the catering service forward. With only 80 on site we recruited an assistant and the team was complete and ready to go.

How long did you have to open?
Setfords were keen to re-open the catering as soon as possible, we pulled out the stops to re-open in just 4 weeks. Setting up local suppliers, new
point of sale material, creating accounts, ntroducing food safety measures and creating exciting menus suited the the demographics on site.

What is the service offer?
The staff at Setfords are very lucky and everything is free, all day with no limits. Our team keep them nourished through breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon snacks. We also prepare nibbles and sharing boards for any evening events and hospitality for client meetings.

How have the staff reacted?
This is by far the best part of my job, seeing the delight on the faces of our customers.
They cannot believe the variety on offer and everyday the service has something new.

What has Setfords taught you?
It’s amazing what talented people can make using a baked potato oven!

Case Study image
Case Study image

Quick Facts
• 80 people on site
• Entirely free issue
• Extensive hospitality
• Limited equipment
• Fresh food, local suppliers
• Fully stocked bar
• Healthy food focus

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