Tell us about the tendering process?

After a lengthy competitive tender process, TNS were awarded the contract to provide catering and hospitality across 6 Gist sites in England and 1 in Scotland.  The whole process was completed during the pandemic and the lockdown, which created many challenges, but these were met head on by our operations team. 

How did you manage to achieve this during COVID restrictions?

Initial TUPE meetings were held remotely until we were able to access each site, however, a comprehensive and detailed mobilisation was concluded with all sites going live over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

What is the service offer?

Our offer is focussed on fresh food, locally procured, and prepared by trained, motivated individuals.  By providing a high level of support at each site, we have continually coached and developed our teams.  We have challenged perceived views on the style of food within logistics environments to great success.  Our development team introduced a mix of traditional, contemporary, and modern choices to cater for our diverse customer base.  The new menus and levels of service have seen our sales grow significantly at every site and customer feedback remains excellent.

How are your services being received at Gist?

As the contract progresses it continually evolves to the delight of our client who said:

 “The Gist team were impressed with the synergies that both organisations share, particularly towards contract support, the culture of trust and integrity that flows through the whole organisation and, of course, delivering and serving fabulous food.”


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