Position: Operations Director

Working for a family company means that your hard work is not only noticed, but rewarded. I started my career as a glass collector, and that lead me to one of my proudest achievements - winning my first rosette as head chef at 21. It was pretty special!

Since joining TNS I have worked my way up to Operations Director through a combination of hard work, and support from the team around me.

As I have built my career on a mixture of practical experience and knowledge, I pride myself upon ensuring that I stay close to my roots and that every detail on the service line creates an experience that we are proud of. This is a testament to our fantastic retention rate and that by getting the basics right it all comes together.

I love the fact that we are not governed by red tape and as a consequence can make decisions that are for the betterment of our clients and people. We are a company that stands by it's ethos, it's values and it's commitment to achieving great things - which is why we have such loyal clients and people.