Position: Owner & Director

I have always had a commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients, as you can’t create great menus without them.

The fact that our leadership team are all chefs means that we have a commitment to delivering the highest culinary standards throughout our business. It also means that we are always looking to be creative in the way that we source, prepare, and serve our food.

Our team’s ability to deliver on our promises is vital to the company’s success, there is nothing more fulfilling than receiving positive feedback on the team, and the food that we deliver. Exceeding expectations is what drives me; whether it’s our client's or customer's, what’s important to me is that every day we strive to deliver excellence in everything we do.

These are the values that saw us win our first contract over 19 years ago, and I simply refuse to jeopardise these as we continue to grow as a company and a team. Quite simply I have put far too much of me into this business to do anything other than continue to work in a way that stays true to our foundations.