James Elliott

Position: Senior Operations Manager

Having TUPE transferred over to TNS Catering in March 2008 from Avenance (Elior), I am fast approaching 15 years service. At the time, I was a Chef Manager at GE Sensing in Leicester and Rocky was my first Ops Manager; this seems a lifetime ago !

I feel privileged to have been part of the fantastic journey and to contribute to the success and the growth of the Company over the years.

Having enjoyed then moving into the Relief Team for a few years, learning about and understanding the business more, I progressed into Operations, a post I’ve worked in now for almost 9 years. When I look back over time, especially talking with some of the other long serving Operations Managers, the conversation will sometimes focus on our own journey and development over the years. Quite often we reflect on the incredible volume of knowledge and experience we have absorbed in the role, almost now being different people since we joined !

Outside of work.. most of you probably know motorbikes are my passion and I will tour around the UK and Europe as often as I can.