Position: Business Development Director

I grew up in a house with a Chef for a father and a Domestic Science Teacher for a mother - this meant cooking was always the topic of conversation, whether you liked it or not!

My catering career began with a pot washing job in London during the school holidays. I guess I was a slightly naive 16-year-old heading into the big city thinking I would have a fun break from school. I will never forget my heart sinking at the sight of the mountain of massive pots and pans that greeted me on my first day. However, the job made me realise the importance of teamwork within a kitchen environment and how you should value each and every person’s role.

I would say that food is one of my hobbies. I genuinely enjoy cooking in my spare time and I feel lucky to have a job that matches my hobbies. Although, we are yet to play rugby (my other passion) in the office, but if I know TNS, this is not off the agenda. We like to have fun when we can.

Having worked for huge, impersonal, global organisations in the past, I now truly appreciate working with real people who love food. At TNS everyone’s opinion matters and counts.