World Hunger Day 2021

On Thursday 27th May 2021, in conjunction with Team Arm & as part of the World Hunger Day activities, we ran global cook along sessions to help raise awareness and money for The Hunger Project. These sessions were about how you can cook tasty meals using food that is traditionally wasted. Approximately 1 Trillion dollars of food is wasted every year, accounting for roughly one third of the worlds food! Reversing this trend would preserve enough food to feed 2 billion people.

Simon Blunt, our Executive Chef, created a tasty menu that used items that might traditionally go in the bin. A Panzanella salad using old bread, bubble and squeak using cooked potatoes and topped with crisp veg peelings & ricotta pancakes using homemade ricotta. These dishes were designed to get people to start thinking about using all aspects our food, not just the traditional ones.

The talks, hosted by Simon Wade – Head of Site Catering Services for Arm & Gina Smith – Arm Diversity & Inclusion Co-Ordinator, also covered topics such as minimizing food waste by having a meal plan, keeping ingredients fresher for longer at home and what to do with herbs/salad/veg that is close to being past its best.

The team hosting also set the challenge to the attendees of coming up with their own ‘no waste/use up’ meals & submitting them. The best will be credited to the person and will go onto one of the site menus.

With attendees making a voluntary donation, over £2,700 was raised on the day, with this going to The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project are a UK based charity that run projects around the globe to fight hunger and poverty.

The team were very really pleased to support such a great cause, and will be working in the future to reduce food waste on site even further. Whilst this is a global problem, there is lots we can do at a local level to change it!