Eat Apiary at Home

Here at The Apiary, we are missing our customers a great deal. We miss the buzz when service is in full swing; the noise of customers chatting and laughing as they eat their lunch with their friends and colleagues, the hustle and bustle in the kitchen to get delicious food out and that satisfied feeling when the last happy customer heads out of the restaurant and you know you have worked your socks off.

But! The thing we miss most at The Apiary are our Themed Events, we’re sure our customers miss them too.

A buffet style service, tightly packed queues and customers squeezed onto tables all still looks like a long way from being a reality again; so, we decided to look at options to recreate this experience for our customers AT HOME.

Apiary Theme Events were all encompassing. The whole of the hot counter (and pretty much any surface available) would be dedicated to foods related to our chosen theme. Staff would dress up, we would decorate the restaurant, play appropriate music and the atmosphere would be so exciting. Our customers loved them and visited from all across the park! Many of our events come from passions our staff have. For example, our Country Music Festival with southern style foods, cowboy hats and a little bit of Dolly in the background.

Chef Dave loves to travel and has done so extensively. He has a passion for South-East Asia and its food in particular

I have eaten in some high-end restaurants over the years including the Fat Duck and Le Gavroche but none has compared with sitting on a child’s pink plastic stool on the side of a road eating pork belly, aubergine and oyster hot pot, served by a guy cooking out of what looks like a garden shed”…… I wonder which exotic part of the world this was?

To recreate this experience (without the pink chair and garden shed!) we have developed the South-East Asian EAT APIARY AT HOME box. The box contains precooked dishes which just require reheating at home from a menu which included - Chicken Khmer Curry, Tom Yum Stew and Sweet Mango Sticky Rice. Our box also provides drinks suggestions to accompany the meal and links to music playlists and relevant podcasts, in this box its from The World Wanderers on Malaysia

During lockdown, many people have become more experimental with what they eat at home and look to recreate a restaurant experience at home. We gave our customers the next level in that culinary experience to remind them just how much we miss them and hopefully they miss us too!