An update on COVID-19, from the Directors

March 2020 will be forever imprinted on our minds as the month our lives changed forever. We went from diary’s full of meetings, holidays, visiting family and dinners with friends etc to absolutely nothing overnight.
To say anxiety levels were high for everyone would be a massive understatement!
Like you, we’ve been in lockdown since then with the exception of a number of site locations still open, providing essential services in all our sectors - education, healthcare and B&I.
We would like to thank all our staff who are still working, and in some cases, have had to move into their site to live during lockdown. We would also like to thank any staff who have been volunteering and supporting their local community. We appreciate you are putting yourselves in harm’s way to continue to look after your customers and we are extremely appreciative of your professionalism and dedication.
Thank You.
The senior team are all working hard to ensure that we have a company to go back to when this is all over and also a massive priority for us is ensuring that when we do go back to work, you have all the relevant equipment/ PPE to keep you safe.
We are in constant contact with our clients discussing their back to work strategies and the potential changes required at their sites. When we are updated by our clients confirming when their sites will be re-opening; we will then make contact with you to update you with information in readiness for you to return to work.
Until that time your current situation remains the same or until we inform you otherwise.
Things are going to be very strange for us all for some time to come and we appreciate the stress and anxiety this will be putting on you. Please make sure you keep in touch and talk about any concerns you have with us.
Life will get back to normal and one day we will be able to enjoy all those things we can’t do at the moment, some may even enjoy going back to work, there’s a thing!!
In the meantime, we are thinking of you all and please keep yourselves, family and friends safe.

Tim and Phil